Wellness Travel Trends To Watch in 2022

Two years into the pandemic, perceptions about wellness have changed, as have consumer values. Here’s a look at some wellness travel trends poised to dominate 2022.

Road Trip Essentials to Pack for a Long Drive

Everything you need to get through long days in the car.

Exploring Caves and Sipping Wine on a River Cruise in France’s Loire Valley

It’s part of Avalon Waterways’ “active and discovery” itineraries, which are geared toward adventure.

This Resort Is Turning Itself Into the Best Light Show in Las Vegas — and You Don't Need a Ticket

The walls of Resorts World Las Vegas became its own backdrop for its new show, "Glow."

Celebrate 'Plan for Vacation Day' Today With a $39 United Flight

The discounted flights are valid for travel from Feb. 7 through May 18.

Easy Access Islands to Visit This Winter

If you’re looking for some island escapes, we’ve got your ticket to paradise with our suggestions for the easiest places to access for a winter getaway.

I Shop for a Living — and These Cashmere and Silk Pieces From Quince Are My New Favorite Wardrobe Staples

And now I’m going back for more.

How to Upgrade Your Airline Seat Without Blowing Your Budget

Our best advice on how to get more space on the cheap.

Shoppers 'Can't Live Without' This Spa-quality Towel Warmer That's on Sale at Amazon

Get it for less with a hidden coupon.

Airports Are Creating Inclusive Quiet Spaces Where All Travelers Can Find Calm

Sensory rooms and meditation areas are becoming more common at U.S. airports.

These huge lakes are bigger than entire countries

With over 70% of the world's surface covered in water, it's no surprise that there are some impressive lakes out there. The world's deepest plunges over 5,300 feet (1,640m) into the Earth's core, while the longest is almost 420 miles (673km) from tip to tip. But alongside these are hundreds of other vast bodies of water that, while not the biggest or best, are still larger than some nations across the globe. Read on to find out which lakes are bigger than the likes of Germany, Italy, the UK and New Zealand.

Tonga and other places devastated by Mother Nature

The island nation of Tonga was severely damaged by the eruption of an underwater volcano in mid-January, which also sent tsunami waves for thousands of miles and triggered an enormous oil spill. We reveal the catastrophic impacts this unprecedented event has had, as well as other places that have been ravaged by brutal weather.

This Estate on Hawaii's Big Island Has Ocean Views, a Lanai, and a Working Coffee Farm

The sprawling estate, listed at $7.75 million, also features one of the largest private collections of hibiscus plant varieties on the island.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan Honored With Vibrant New Mural in Miami

The massive artwork can be found in the city's Little Havana neighborhood.

4 Top-rated Ski and Snowboard Goggles That Are Under $30 on Amazon

Thousands of shoppers have given them five-star ratings.

Vaccinated Travelers to England and Scotland Will No Longer Need a COVID-19 Test to Enter

Changes will take effect on Feb. 11.

Norway to No Longer Require Travelers to Quarantine Upon Arrival

American travelers only need to provide a negative COVID-19 test upon entry and not proof of vaccination as CDC-issued vaccine cards cannot be verified in Norway.

2022 in Space Travel: What to Watch for This Year

Rockets and tourists and probes, oh my!

JetBlue's 'Big Winter Sale' Has Flights As Low As $29 Throughout the U.S. and Caribbean

The sale is running until Feb. 1. and is valid for travel from Feb. 5 through March 31.

Yellowstone Is Turning 150 — Here's How You Can Celebrate the Park and Learn More About Its Indigenous Roots

Looking back to look forward.

The most incredible fossils ever unearthed

Fossils have fascinated humankind from time immemorial. These preserved remains from a bygone era transport us through time to discover more about the world before our arrival. In this gallery, discover the most amazing fossils in the world.

5 Changes in Air Travel That Flight Attendants Are Looking Forward to This Year

From cheap airfares and better destinations to chatty passengers.

MGM Resorts Is Expanding Its Membership Rewards Program — What to Know

MGM will soon allow non-gamers to take advantage of its popular rewards program.

Fascinating Cold War places that lie abandoned

The Cold War – four decades of tension between the Soviet Union Eastern Bloc and the US-led NATO Allies after the Second World War – has forever left its mark on the globe. The fascinating book, Abandoned Cold War Places by Robert Grenville, explores the mighty machines and remarkable sites that remain from this hostile period. We've selected some of the most interesting images and look at the fascinating history behind them.

These Cruise Lines Will Require a Booster Shot to Board Starting March 1

Both Silversea and Azamara will require the additional COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Stunning sand sculptures you have to see to believe

We all try to build masterpieces on the beach when armed with a bucket and spade. But these are a different class. Created all over the world, these jaw-dropping sand sculptures are inspiring. From the tallest sandcastle to a recreation of the lost city of Atlantis, get ready for the most incredible sandy creations of all time…

The Galapagos and Costa Rica Are Creating an Underwater 'Ocean Highway'

"Grab shell, dude!"

Carnival Cruise Line Implements Digital Passport App to Streamline Embarkation Process

The cruise line is piloting the use of VeriFLY, a travel document verification app used by many airlines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Brand's Sleek Vegan Leather Luggage Sets Are Nearly 70% Off Right Now

It doesn’t get more stylish than Tote & Carry’s collection.

Win a Super Bowl Party at Rob Gronkowski's House — With a Bounce House, Axe-throwing Outings, and More

"They promised not to break anything," said Gronk optimistically.

Shoppers Say This Eye Is Cream 'Seriously Magical' for Wrinkles, Dark Circles, and Puffy Bags

“The area around my eyes looks brighter, tighter, and fresher.”

You won't believe these incredible place are in the UK

You might be surprised to find these amazing places are right here in the UK. From quirky architectural wonders to unusual natural landscapes, here’s a selection of some jaw-dropping and secret scenic spots – best enjoyed by clicking on 'full screen' mode.

The world's most devastating floods through history

While water can be stunningly beautiful, it can also be extremely dangerous, as proven by the most extreme weather events around the world. Here we take a closer look at some of history's most deadly, dramatic and destructive floods, from 1900 to the present day floods in Germany and Belgium.

Canada's spooky places sure to give you chills

Canadians might be known for their polite and easy-going nature, but many of the country’s most famous landmarks and historic buildings are home to guests who just don’t know when to leave. From hotels and houses to lighthouses and castles, read on to discover some of the country's spookiest spots where visitors may well feel an unnatural chill that has nothing to do with the climate.

Top US Music Festivals in 2022

This year will bring back plenty of top music festivals in the U.S. for every genre-lover to enjoy.

Secrets of the pharaohs: inside Egypt’s pyramids

We all know what Egypt’s pyramids look like outside, but how did they look inside? Narrow passageways, spacious chambers and steep galleries made up the bulk of the interior layout. Many relics are on display in museums around the world, and in 2022, the brand-new Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open, where over 100,000 artefacts will be showcased – including Tutankhamun’s entire treasure collection. Here we go behind the scenes to uncover what lies within these ancient wonders of the world.

Check-in to the world's first space hotel

Never mind flying to distant shores for your next trip – how about catapulting yourself into space? While it might sound far-fetched, it could soon be a reality. A new space hotel, designed by space construction company Orbital Assembly Corporation, is currently being built and could soon be available for an out-of-this-world holiday. Read on to discover what it’ll look like and when the first guests will be able to check-in.

Famous travel mysteries that still haven't been solved

From ghostly apparitions to vanishing planes, abandoned ships and baffling man-made creations, these are the world's greatest unsolved travel mysteries

6 Exciting International Air Routes Launching in 2022

Among the most noteworthy new international flights this year are direct hauls to Jordan and short hops to the remote Caribbean.

Sotheby's Is Auctioning Off a Black 555.55-carat Diamond Believed to Be From Space

"Its sale represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the rarest, billion-year-old cosmic wonders known to humankind."

These groundbreaking airlines no longer fly

Whether it's bankruptcies, mergers or marketing mistakes, even the biggest businesses can fall and the airline industry is no exception to this rule. From Pan Am to Alitalia, here are the stories behind some of the most well-known airlines that no longer exist and why they had to fold their wings for good.

Germany's most scenic road trips revealed

Germany has many highlights, from cities overflowing with culture and world-famous landmarks to mountains that harbour fairy-tale castles. Then there’s the nature: the less-explored Baltic coastline, waterfalls found deep in the Black Forest, lakes dotted with islets and vast nature reserves. The best way to appreciate all this loveliness is on a road trip. From a journey inspired by the Brothers Grimm to roads that follow the salt-sprayed “German Riviera”, here are some of the best scenic road trips in Germany. (Due to COVID-19, check local travel restrictions before you head out.)

CDC Says to 'Avoid' 15 Destinations — Including More Caribbean Islands, Fiji, and United Arab Emirates

St. Barts, Dominican Republic, and Peru are among those on the newly updated list.

Ontario's big blizzard and more of Canada's worst weather

Canada is known for its bone-chilling winters, but less so for raging wildfires, crippling droughts and fierce tornadoes. Nevertheless, the vast country experiences many and varied extreme weather systems. Following the catastrophic floods in November 2021 and recent record-breaking snow blizzard in Ontario, we take a look back at some of the most intense and often devastating weather events that have affected Canadians over the last century or so.

Delta Teamed Up With an Inspiring Mexican Company for Its New Environmentally Friendly Amenity Kits

Introducing Someone Somewhere, a company that employs almost all women to create sustainable travel gear.

The world's most colourful destinations

There's no denying that a colour-filled and sunny getaway can cheer the soul. And even if you can't jump on a plane, we've selected a few of our favourite technicolour places and spaces that make for an eye-catching virtual escape. Grab the shades as we tour the world's most colourful destinations.

This Parka Is Just as Warm and Comfy as It Is Stylish — and It Comes in 9 Colors

It’s time you traded in your old winter coat for something more effective.

Step back in time: how famous landmarks used to look

In the Roaring Twenties, a booming global economy and an optimistic post-First World War atmosphere led to a surge in tourism. This was the first decade that passengers could experience plane travel, although it was a luxury available to the wealthy few. Even so, many people began to embark on holidays at home and overseas, being able to see some of the world’s most famous landmarks up close for the first time. Here’s what they looked like around 100 years ago, compared to today.

How the world's best airports have changed through history

Any keen traveller will spend a fair amount of time in airports throughout their life, but it has taken decades, and sometimes even over a century, for some of the busiest transport hubs to look the way they do. We take a trip down memory lane to trace the changes of some of the world's best-known airports.

Go Snowboarding, Night Skiing, and Zip Lining Through Snowy Mountains at Viceroy's First European Resort

All the snow activities you could possibly wish for with an everchanging wild produce-based menu.